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Latest Hot Photos Of Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Latest Hot Gossips

When it comes to work, Priyanka Chopra excels. She carefully studies their role in each film and works brilliantly. In her new film 'Saat Khon MAAF' Piggy Chops had a difficult time portraying her role, but with an intimate scene with actor Naseeruddin Shah Ace shooting. Naseeruddin plays the eldest of her seven men in Vishal Bharadwaj, "Saat Khon MAAF.

Speaking of scene, a source said: "At first, Priyanka was obviously very carefully and respectfully to nase. Back to reality, because nase was sick just after a day shooting with Priyanka. So Priyanka felt twice as scared. But it was a Cakewalk for Priyanka as soon nase kit included. The actor hit it off with her brilliant ".

Confirming the news, Priyanka said: "Mr. nase and I worked together many years ago in a spy movie called Asambhav. I remember I was looking at his feet while talking to him, I was in awe. These past experiences are another matter entirely. If it were not for his acting skills, I would have been petrified even now.

Nase had once shared screen space with Priyanka Rajiv Rai 'Asambhav' and when he was asked about how she has grown as an actor, nase said: "Priyanka has evolved as an actress since we last worked together. It can not be partly Because of directors she has worked. Vishal and I have often worked with each other and I've enjoyed myself every time. Vishal on the verge of finding a new voice in our cinema. He got his way, nothing to lose Kaminey in it. But he found himself back in Khon Saat MAAF. "

Shahid Priyanka books. After he broke with his ex-girlfriend Kareena, Shahid Kapoor is now his newfound love Priyanka Chopra. He is seen with her everywhere.

He was shocked when Saif Ali Khan walked away with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid's friend and partner in several years. The two were together for a very long time, and Shahid so devastated by loss.But things look rosy to get Priyanka Chopra in her life. He must ensure that Priyanka's luck at all.

He recently booked an entire floor of an internet cafe where the two used to meet and Priyanka to surf the net.Priyanka Chopra is also in the clouds. Recently, Priyanka Chopra won the award for best actress for her role in clothes, her last film. She also had the opportunity to speak before a who's who from around the world to India Today Conclave.

She is super excited to Fashion and Dostana to her name after the disastrous Drona and Love Story 2050th "The messages have not stopped pouring in. In fact, I get messages complimenting my performance in vogue even today. It feels great when your earning accolades for your work. This is what we look forward to every day," says Priyanka.

What do you owe your success? we ask Priyanka. "This is nothing but industrious, and the blessings I receive each day. Do I owe the success of Fashion to my whole team. The credit goes to everyone. It's not just me who has done well. Everyone in the film has done well. I have to thank Madhur (Bhandarkar) to have confidence in us. "

Priyanka has signed no more late movie. She will be starring in Ashutosh Gowarikar and Vishal Bharadwaj's Kaminey What is your Rashee? Harman Baweja. "We have almost Vishal movie. Working with him eventually taught me a lot. We have not started working on the film Ashutosh's. I have not signed many films. I have not found a script interesting, but I am listening to scripts," she says .

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Why You Should Match Your Blouse With Your Dinner

Food and Clothes are my all time favorites. I remember dressing up as a kid and throwing fancy dinner parties for my dolls, inviting friends for brunch, making a shopping break with my mom to get hot chocolate and a piece of pie. The two have become so intertwined for me that to this day I hardly ever go shopping without stopping for a snack or go out to eat without dressing appropriately. I also made sure to involve my friends in the dress and dine extravaganza that is my life.

My book club meets once a month and it's a potluck kind of gathering where each of us brings something to the party. The only condition is that the food has to be somehow connected to the book. If we're reading a book taking place in Italy, of course Italian food is on the menu, a book about travel means snacks that do well on the road, a life story of a diabetic involves no sweets and pita bread certified for diabetics; geisha and samurai stories are not discussed without sushi, and so on. This sort of correlation between books and food makes for great book club meetings.

That's not the only way we connect art and eating. We try to go to museums and galleries, theater and free performances, opera and ballet. It's not something we can do on a regular basis because of time restrictions, but whenever we get a chance, we go the whole nine yards. For a night at the opera house we all wear couture dresses and afterward go to some exclusive restaurant for dinner; museum trips mean Pretending we're tourists, so we dress up in suburban mom clothes, talk loud and end up in the most crowded restaurants for lunch; alternative art shows have us wearing black and go for drinks only two so not disturb out aura with calories.

Of course to be Able to go places and do things like this we need to have clothes, and for that we have to do some serious shopping. Any trip to the mall I just have to get a Soft Pretzel and a glass of juice two keep my strength up, and I usually stop somewhere for a meal on the way home. When I'm with my friends, we pick a restaurant based on the clothes we get. For example, if we end up with jeans and t-shirts, it's all-American burgers, lots of florals begs for Fresh Salads; designer shoes need designer interior of a posh restaurant, and good sales always mean fast food, so we can hit some more stores after we eat.

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